6th Annual Graduate and Early Career Reading Retreat


11th – 12th May 2021

This is the Stockholm Centre’s 6th Annual Reading Retreat, this time held virtually due to the pandemic. It includes papers from current and recent graduate students. Papers will address philosophical issues relating to the ethics of war and peace, broadly construed. Each paper will be allocated a faculty respondent, who will both provide written comments on the paper and serve as a commentator at the retreat.


  • Shuk Ying Chan (Princeton)

“Citizenship and Statelessness”

Respondent: Michael Blake (Washington)


  • Juliette Monvoisin (Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne)

“States’ Obligations to Admit Refugees as a Form of Compensation: Drawing from Michael Walzer’s Hypothesis”

Respondent: Mollie Gerver (Essex)


  • Linda Eggert (Oxford)

“Compensation, Proportionality, and Permissions to Harm”

Respondent: Adam Slavny (Warwick)


  • Nathan G. Wood (Ghent)

“Autonomous Weapon Systems: A Clarification”

Respondent: Tom Simpson (Oxford)


  • Jonas Haeg (KCL)

“Provocation, Responsibility and the Right to Self-Defence”

Respondent: Kimberly Ferzan (UPenn)