Causation and War (Journal of Applied Philosophy)

This symposium appears in the Journal of Applied Philosophy (2020), guest edited by Helen Frowe and Massimo Renzo. It follows as a result of SCEWP and Kings College London’s ‘Conversations on War’ project. The Conversations on War project explores how philosophers working on the ethics of war can draw on research in other areas of philosophy to improve our accounts of harming in war and how research on the ethics of war might challenge or illuminate work in those other areas. The first instance of this project brought together a broad group of philosophers: Helen Frowe, Massimo Renzo, Victor Tadros, Yitzhak Benbaji, Helen Beebee, David Owens, Carolina Sartorio, Lars Christie, James Goodrich, Seth Lazar, Adam Slavny, Hagit Benbaji, François Tanguay-Renaud, Lisa Hecht, Alexander Kaiserman, and Gustaf Arrhenius.