7th Annual Graduate and Early Career Reading Retreat (Online) Call for Papers

7th Annual Graduate and Early Career Reading Retreat (Online)
Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace
15-16 June, 2022, via Zoom

Deadline for submissions: 1 April, 2022

The Stockholm Centre is pleased to announce its 7th Annual Reading Retreat. We invite submissions from current and recent graduate students (within two years of receiving their PhD). Papers should address philosophical issues relating to the ethics of war and peace, broadly construed. This includes, for example, papers on causation, responsibility, authority, partiality, scarcity of resources, collective action, punishment, and self-defence. At this time, the Stockholm Centre has a particular interest in papers on migration, refugees, and rights.

Each successful applicant will be allocated a faculty respondent, who will provide written comments on the paper and serve as a commentator at the retreat. In order to find the most suitable respondents, faculty will be invited after papers have been selected. Past respondents have included Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, Adam Slavny, Helen Beebee, Yitzak Benbaji, Garret Cullity, Christopher Finlay, Helen Frowe, Adil Haque, Holly Lawford-Smith, Seth Lazar, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Kieran Oberman, Massimo Renzo, David Rodin, and Laura Valentini.

Papers should be no longer than 8000 words, including notes, and prepared for blind review. Papers should not have been accepted for publication or given revise and resubmit verdicts at the time of submission. Submissions from graduate students should include a letter from their department confirming their year of study. Submissions from early career researchers should include confirmation that they are within two years of receiving their PhD (e.g. letter from examiner or supervisor, or a copy of their PhD certificate). Submissions and enquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Published 9th February 2022