Seminar on Operation Protective Edge

Beyond Operation Protective Edge: A Conversation between Academics, Policy-Makers and Practitioners

Organised by SCEWP, Institute for Futures Studies, and Tel Aviv University
Wednesday 11th November, 2015

The most recent conflict in Gaza ‘Operation Protective Edge’ brought to the fore crucially important debates in both international law and the ethics of war. Both advocates and critics of the Israeli operation invoked the framework of international law and the principles of traditional just war theory to bolster their positions on topics ranging from the use of human shields to satisfying necessity and proportionality.

This invitation-only seminar will bring together leading experts from a range of backgrounds – including politics, diplomacy, international law, the armed forces, and academia –  to discuss specific areas of legal and moral contention thrown up by OPE.

Media enquires should be directed to Helen Frowe