Recent work by Helen Frowe

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(in press) ‘Legitimate Targets in War’, David Edmonds and Julian Savulescu (eds.), Ethics in the Contemporary World, Routledge

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Some of Helen’s papers are available here in draft form, for those without journal access.


Recent Work by Jonathan Parry

(2018) ‘Civil War and Revolution‘ in The Oxford Handbook of the Ethics of War​ (Edited by Seth Lazar and Helen Frowe)

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(2015) ‘Just War Theory, Legitimate Authority, and Irregular Belligerency‘, Philosophia 43, No.1 (2015), 175-196

Some of Jonathan’s papers are available here in draft form, for those without journal access.


Recent Work by Lisa Hecht

(forthcoming). ‘Provocateurs and Their Rights to Self-Defence‘. Criminal Law and Philosophy

(2018) Review of Seth Lazar ‘Sparing Civilians’. Journal of Moral Philosophy. 15 (1):112-115


Recent Work by Benjamin Matheson

(forthcoming) ‘Celebrity, Democracy, and Epistemic Power’ (with Alfred Archer, Amanda Cawston, Machteld Gueskens). Perspectives on Politics
(forthcoming). ‘Manipulators and Moral Standing’, Philosophia
(2019) ‘When Artists Fall: Honoring and Admiring the Immoral’ (with Alfred Archer) Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 5, 2: 246-265
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Recent Work by William Bülow

(forthcoming) Risking civilian lives to avoid harm to cultural heritage? Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy

(forthcoming) On the ethics of reconstructing destroyed cultural heritage monuments (with Joshua Thomas).  Journal of the American Philosophical Association.

(2019) ‘Retributivism and the Use of Imprisonment as the Ultimate Back-up Sanction’ Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence Vol 32(2): 285-303.

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