Here you can find information about interviews, public talks, debates, and so on.

(April 2020) Helen Frowe interview on whether saving an important building can ever be worth a life for the Philosophy 24/7.

(April 2020) Helen Frowe interviewed on the (supposed) distinction between targeting noncombatants and combatants as part of the St Andrews’ Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs Chats series.

(October 2019) William Bülow interviewed about ethics and heritage destruction in war on Axess TV, as part of their series Förklara din Forskning (‘Explain Your Research’).

(April 2019) William Bülow invited to talk about ethical aspects of destroyed heritage following the fire of Notre-Dame on Ledarskribenterna.

(October 2017) Helen Frowe interviewed on the Stockholm Centre and her new project on Cultural Heritage and War in Universitetsnytt.

(October 2017) Helen Frowe interviewed on war and self-defence at 3am Magazine

(March 2017) Helen Frowe discusses ‘Marine A and the Morality of Killing in War‘ for The Times Literary Supplement

(January 2017) Podcast with Helen Frowe on ‘Self-Defence‘ for Philosophy 24/7

(January 2017) Helen Frowe being interviewed for Soldier Philosophers on HiPhi Nation 

(November 2016) Former SCEWP postdoc Jonathan Parry discusses intervention against ISIS on BBC Radio 2

(November 2016) Helen Frowe talking about ‘Philosophy and the Future of Warfare‘ Oxford Philosophy Festival

(July 2016) Helen Frowe and Jonathan Parry discuss drones with US West Point army cadets

(February 2016) Helen Frowe cited in Driverless Car CrashesSlow Journalism magazine

(November 2015) Helen Frowe cited in  Trolleys and Driverless CarsQuartz magazine

(September 2015) Collection of discussions on Helen Frowe’s Defensive Killing from a workshop at the Carnegie Council, New York

(August 2015) Helen Frowe on Standing Your Ground, Philosophers’ Magazine

(April 2015) Jonathan Parry on Humanitarian Intervention in the Critique Magazine

(December 2014) Interview with Helen Frowe in Ethica (in Portuguese)

(November 2014) Helen Frowe on the conflict in GazaThe Critique November 2014

(November 2014) Helen Frowe on a Panel on Operation Protective Edge, Institute for Futures Studies

(October 2014) Helen Frowe on a Panel on When Should Nations Kill, University of Delaware

(2014) Interview with Helen Frowe on the Stockholm Centre, Stockholm University Magazine, (in Swedish).

(2014) Interview with Forskning och Framsteg  (Research and Advances) on the Stockholm Centre.