Journal Symposia

SCEWP has now been involved with five journal symposia:

  • 2020. ‘Symposium on Historical Injustice in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’, Theoretical Inquires in Law 21/2. Contributors: Victor Tadros, David Miller, Margaret Moore, Yitzhak Benbaji, Cheyney Ryan, Eyal Benvenisti and Tamar Megiddo, Chaim Gans, Itamar Mann, Julie Cooper, Alan Patten, Raef Zreik, Manal Totry-Jubran.
  • 2020. ‘Symposium on Causation and War’, Journal of Applied Philosophy 37/3. Contributors: Helen Beebee and Alex Kaiserman, Carolina Sartorio, Lars Christie.
  • 2019. ‘Symposium on Adil Ahmad Haque’s Law and Morality at War’, Ethics 129/4. Contributors: Jonathan Parry and Daniel Viehoff, Kimberly Ferzan, Christopher Finlay, Helen Frowe.
  • 2018. ‘Symposium on Helen Frowe’s Defensive Killing’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 15/6. Contributors: Christian Barry, Jeff McMahan, Kimberly Ferzan, Massimo Renzo, and Adil Ahmad Haque.
  • 2018. ‘Symposium on Seth Lazar’s Sparing Civilians’Law and Philosophy 37/3. Contributors: Victor Tadros, Yitzhak Benbaji, Alec Walen, Cheyney Ryan.