21 May 2014 Workshop on Just War Theory

23 May 2014 Wallenberg Public Lecture on the Ethics of War and Peace

24 May 2014 Inaugural conference: Ethics of War in the 21st Century

19 Sep 2014 2014 Graduate Reading Retreat

24 Oct 2014 Nordic War Network Meeting

08 Dec 2014 Seminar on the Ethics of War

02 Feb 2015 Intensive Course on the Ethics of War

28 Feb 2015 Delhi Workshop on the Analytic Just War

12 May 2015 Workshop on Lethal Agency

28 Aug 2015 ELAC Conference 2015: Legitimate Authority and Political Violence

07 Sep 2015 Conversations on War

10 Sep 2015 2015 Graduate Reading Retreat

29 Sep 2015 Workshop on Helen Frowe’s Defensive Killing and Seth Lazar’s Sparing Civilians

07 Oct 2015 Conference: The Future of Just War: Theoretical and Practical Challenges

11 Nov 2015 Seminar on Operation Protective Edge

12 Nov 2015 Breakfast Seminar on International Law and War Ethics

08 Apr 2016 Conference: Transitional Justice and Alternative Mechanisms for Peace

01 Jun 2016 Visting Fellows 2016

04 Jun 2016 Workshop on Ethics and Uncertainty

10 Jun 2016 Seminar: Gerald Lang (Leeds)

10 Jun 2016 Seminar: Alec Walen (Rutgers)

14 Jun 2016 Workshop on The Protection of Cultural Artefacts in War

16 Jun 2016 Seminar: Amandine Catala (Quebec at Montreal)

16 Jun 2016 Seminar: Yitzhak Benbaji (Tel Aviv)

23 Jun 2016 Seminar: Rory Cox (St. Andrews)

23 Jun 2016 Seminar: Jeff McMahan (Oxford)

24 Jun 2016 Workshop on Kai Draper’s ‘War and Individual Rights’

28 Jun 2016 Seminar: Lars Christie (Oslo and Oxford)

28 Jun 2016 Seminar: Cécile Fabre (Oxford)

10 Sep 2016 2016 Graduate Reading Retreat

04 Oct 2016 3rd Meeting of the Nordic War Network

22 Oct 2016 Conversations on War – Part II

12 Apr 2017 Pacific APA Panel on Political Violence and Legitimate Authority

27 Apr 2017 Cultural Property and the Ethics of War

26 Jun 2017 Workshop on Adil Ahmad Haque’s Law and Morality at War (OUP, 2017)

14 Nov 2017 2017 Graduate and Early Career Reading Retreat

02 Mar 2018 Workshop: Civil Resistance

31 May 2018 Workshop: Individual and Collective Duties to Rescue

16 Jul 2018 Workshop: Victor Tadros’ To Do, To Die, To Reason Why (Forthcoming, OUP)

07 Sep 2018 Conversations on War: Season Two, Episode One

14 Sep 2018 Workshop: Apology and Compensation

17 Sep 2018 Seminar: Cultural Heritage in War, IFFS

18 Sep 2018 Breakfast Seminar: Cultural Heritage in War

19 Nov 2018 Stones and Lives: A Workshop on Proportionality and Non-Human Value in War

29 Nov 2018 Seminar: Philosophy, Policy and Heritage

30 Jan 2019 Workshop: Honour and Admiration After War and Conflict

20 May 2019 Workshop: The Ethics of Indirect Foreign Intervention

28 May 2019 Conference: Historical Justice in the Context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

06 Sep 2019 Conversations on War: Season Two, Episode Two

09 Sep 2019 5th Annual Graduate and Early Career Reading Retreat

18 Sep 2019 Conference: Heritage and the Ethics of War

18 Mar 2020Conference on Heritage in War

Loyola University New Orleans 18 – 19 March 2020 Keynote speakers: Laurie Rush (Cultural Resources Manager and Army Archaeologist stationed at Fort Drum) Robert Hopkins (NYU, Philosophy) Nancy Sherman (Georgetown,…

16 Oct 2020Workshop on Gratitude

IMG_0010 by Paul Iwancio. Used under: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/.  Bergsmannen (Aula Magna), Stockholm University, 16 October 2020  Gratitude plays an important role in our everyday lives. Those whom we stand in personal…

21 Oct 2020Workshop on Victor Tadros’ To Do, To Die, To Reason Why

Co-hosted by Princeton University Marx Hall, Princeton University 21 October 2020 Speakers: Johann Frick (Princeton) Colleen Murphy (Illinois) Anna Stilz (Princeton) Daniel Viehoff (NYU) Kit Wellman (Washington St. Louis) This…